Thursday, November 30, 2017

asked for help on OW-public

Posted on the Occult Watcher Yahoo!Group regarding the trouble I was having getting the add-ins to work.

Shared that I had already tried many things. I had downloaded and installed Occult Watcher I had downloaded and installed Lunar Occ add-in along with the Occult Tools add-in. I had downloaded and installed Occult I noted the folder locations used.

Relayed the errors I was encountering.

When I tried to configure Occult Tools, it reported:
This addin requires Occult or later verssion [SIC]

I received a similar error when I tried to configure Lunar Occ.
This addin requires Occult or later verssion

I didn't understand why I was getting these errors when I have the latest Occult installed.


Hristo replied. He asked me to check the supplied path in the add-in location fields. Perhaps the space was not a space. That was a little bit of grasping at straws. He asked me to verify the Occult.exe version. Perhaps he missed this in my post. He wondered if there was a bug but he was certain he had tested this. Anyhoo, I obliged.


I said that whether I pointed to the folder location or typed it, the error was thrown.

I noted the version of the Lun Occ add-in as 1.0.3.

I confirmed the Occult.exe version (as noted in the first message).


Hristo asked me to rename the folder for Occult.exe to remove the space. I had already thought of this and done it.


I said that I noticed previously used configuration settings seemed to be re-appearing when the software was reinstalled. I asked if this data was kept in the Windows registry. I wondered if it was kludging things and should be removed or reset.

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