Tuesday, November 28, 2017

received SN Jan/Feb 2018

Whoa! SkyNews magazine showed up. Rhonda brought it in. That seemed fast or early! Perhaps it is because the issue is featuring the astronomical highlights for 2018.

cover of the Jan/Feb 2018 SkyNews magazine
It looks like next year will feature good Mars viewing, a special lunar eclipse, and a perfect opportunity (i.e. no Moon) to view the Perseid meteor shower. Yeh!

The current issue also discusses binos and how to choose the best ones for astronomy. A new column accompanies this topic: binocular observing.

There's an article called Image-processing Basics by Mr Puerzer. Hopefully I can learn some tricks. I still struggle with this.

The Jan-Feb 2018 issue also features a solar eclipse shot by Mr Park. Congrats!

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