Saturday, August 26, 2017

turned east

"Ride that way... there's nothing but salt."

Heading home day. I was first up! Started my tear-down.

6:50 AM MDT. Coffee by Sue. Thanks!

9:34 AM. We finished packing! "Now pick up what you can and run." We bid everyone a good trip home.

I helped Ian with the dumping.

By mid-day, we were driving through barren lands. "I exist in this Wasteland." Scrub for miles and miles.

2:26 PM. Via I-80, we re-entered Nebraska.

Time zone change plus one.

5:31 PM CDT. After some research using the Garmin and Streets & Trips, we decided on the KOA near Henderson. Ian booked a site at the Prairie Oasis.

At some point, the rest of the gang flew over us. We couldn't see any planes.

7:51 PM. We checked into the RV place. Once again, nicely appointed. With good wi-fi.

dinner at Prairie Oasis KOA

We took in the nice sunset during dinner. Good burgers. Potatoes! And ice cream! The cicadas were going full steam.

They pinged us when the plane landed.

10:22. Signed off the internets.

Prepped my new bed after dropped the dining table. It offered a bit more space. And less interference if Ian walked past.

Saw many toads on the way to the bathroom!

11:34. In bed I reviewed notes. I wanted to be home. But we had a long stint tomorrow followed by the final leg.

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