Monday, August 21, 2017

the Sun goes down

I declined on the shatter cone tour.

5:24 PM MDT. I rested after finishing some packing.

The gang returned from the meteor crater hike.

5:38 PM. It was getting pretty quiet around Eric's home. Many people had left. Jules and Marty left.

6:14. Prepared my dinner.

I asked about wheels-up time. Phil estimated the times: 3.5 hour drive; 1 hour for shopping. Ian suggested departing at 11 and not before 10. Sounded like it was good for all.

"Say, anyone notice that bright light?" A colourful Sun was setting.

7:40. With Grace's smartphone, I finally got a connection. Rhonda answered. It was so good to hear her voice. I was surprised how emotional I felt. I missed her deeply. A disappointment in the amazing day was that I wasn't able to share the experience with her. I promised myself it wouldn't happen again. I barely held it together.

I was also sad to hear that the York U event was not very good... Insufficient viewers. No live NASA feed. She did not get to look through a telescope due to the very long wait times.

Still, she had good weather and saw the partial while sharing her eclipse glasses.

7:50. The Sun disappeared below the horizon. "Thank you for a great show."

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