Thursday, August 17, 2017

quick morning view (Merritt Reservoir)

Put on some warm clothes and crawled out of the tent.

The Moon was up, damn. Should have gotten up earlier. I kept it behind the trees.

Vega was setting. The Milky Way was visible. Venus was orange and shimmering, reflected. Noted an eastbound plane. Soaked in the Pleiades. Could see 6 stars easy. Cygnus was low. I spotted something bright, like an Iridium, southbound. The Little Dipper was easy. The Big Dipper was rising out of the tree-less hills. Perseus was high and Cassiopeia was straight up.

The Double Cluster was remarkably easy, like two old dandelions. Possibly the best view with my Mark I eyeballs ever.

No meteors unfortunately. I waited a bit longer.

No city light. No bright domes. It was very dark.


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