Thursday, August 17, 2017

spotted spots (Merritt Reservoir)

Ian and I set up some telescopes. We merged gear (with permission). Ian's HEQ 5 Pro mount with his Stellarvue 80mm f/7 ED and Dan's Coronado 60. We viewed Sun in white and hydrogen-alpha through clear skies.

There was a big sunspot group. Very nice! That would make for good viewing on Monday.

Ian loaned me his flattener and compression adapter. Thanks.

Thursday sunspots

Canon 40D, 1/1000, ISO 100, RAW, shot daylight white balance, changed to shade, Stellarvue (see above), Hotech flattener, DPP.

Sunspot active region 2671.

There were a number of prominences. No filaments. The sunspot regions were very interesting. Hopefully the Sun would remain active.

We torn down before dinner.

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