Saturday, August 12, 2017

frame size decreased

Sometime between August 6 and 10, the Burke-Gaffney Observatory configuration was changed. Specifically, the image framing was altered. Initially, the default size for images was set to 1536x1536 pixels. The new frame size was dropped to 1336x1336.

I did not know this happened, at the time...

Frame size can still be overridden with an advanced option which will produce images up to 2048 pixels squared.

Unfortunately, this has an impact on my big imaging project, with the scale changing half-way through... The latter images will seem zoomed or cropped. Ugh. Not practical to reshoot all.

And I think it will significantly complicate reshoots of random targets where I was interested in additional data. I believe this will force me to learn to accommodate for image scale corrections when combining. Guess that's a good thing, in general.


Did a bit more digging (into the BGO logs). Images on Aug 9 were at 1536; on Aug 10, 1336.


Learned about why this happened on 10 Jan '18.

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