Saturday, August 26, 2017

the big push

"It'll be a hard day."

5:14 AM CDT. Experienced a big thunderstorm. Continuous thunder for a while, lots of lightning. But I think it skirted us.

6:40 AM. Ian got up. We had a quick breakfast.

7:35. We were rolling again. The big push. We were aiming for Michigan.

9:19. Iowa.

2:44. Penelope directed us to take I-280 around the Quad City. Underneath this time.

3:51. We were 150 klicks to Chicago. Hoped we wouldn't get snagged.

In the end, it was easy.

We were losing time. The days were shorter now. We switched back to Eastern Daylight.

Still, after a long haul, we were tired. We arrived the Sturgis Wal*Mart with RV and horse parking! Open 24 hours with free wi-fi.

9:00 PM EDT. Bought some food for dinner.

9:15 PM. There was a fuzzy Moon over the parking lot.

Pinged Rhonda. She had packed for her week's vacation at camp.

9:47. Finished my tasty dinner.

Oberon beer from Bell's

Enjoyed some Oberon beer. From Bell's Brewery in Comstock. It is an American Wheat Ale. I'm not a fan of wheats but this was not bad. 5.8%.

11:28. Hit the hay.

Ian likes Wal*Marts but I considered the pros and cons of RV parks to parking lots.

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