Friday, May 30, 2014

wound down

12:33 AM. While waiting for the photons to gather in the DSLR, I cleaned up the observing list in SkyTools. Removed targets not visible in Ontario. Ever. Like objects in Ara. And items not visible here this time of year, like stuff in Monoceros.

Went to the house. Found my eyeglasses on the kitchen table.

I wanted to view Saturn. A number of moons were visible. Not a great view though.

I was very tired.

Closed up shop.

12:52. Turned on the dehumidifier.

Looked at the OneWorld portable weather station. 81% humidity, 9.2°C, going to be sunny. I had adjusted the altitude when I set it out. If I remember correctly, it showed 904 mbar at the time. Now it shows 907. My affixed note said add 42. But that still didn't make sense.

Reviewed the galaxy photos quickly.

Took a Sky Quality Meter reading.

Tidied the computers. 

1:02. Packed up items for the house.

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