Thursday, May 29, 2014

very young (Blue Mountains)

Imaged a very young Moon, after focusing on Jupiter. I could not see it naked eye given the cloud wisps.

Imaged through the Tele Vue 101 with the Canon 40D. 1/60, ISO 100, daylight white balance, RAW.

Thought some trees would be nice. But the lower it went the worse the view became.

How old is this Moon, I wondered. Weather Underground said New Moon. So did SkyTools. TheSky6 said the phase was 1.77% lit. Wow. SkyTools showed the phase as 0.01. Stellarium did not show age. Considered the Sky & Telescope web site but did not want to have to futz with the login gauntlet.

How old was this Moon, in detail, down to hours? SkyTools and other resources measured in days. 1.0. OK. If that's accurate, then I could infer 24 hours. Which would beat my life list entry of 27 hours (in Mar 2010).

Tried a web search on the age of the Moon. Oops. Context issue. 4.527 billion years old. Not what I meant.

Hold the phone. Tried Virtual Moon Atlas. Neat. Thin crescent. Lunation: 1.12 days. Illumination: 1.3%. But VMA does not compute in hours.


Learned that the new Moon was Wed. May  28, 2014 at 18:43 UT. So, for local time, I need to subtract 4 hours, therefore 14:43 on Wednesday. It was Thursday at 21:15-ish. Oh. So that's 24+7 or 31 hours. I did not smash my new Moon record...

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