Friday, May 09, 2014

pit stop

Arrived the CAO. Delivered a number of items.
  • PSF. A multi-function printer/scanner with extra toner cartridge. This will allow easy scanning of documentation, magazine articles, etc. Hopefully the printer is a high resolution or DPI than the Lexmark. 
  • Media tank. Needs a hard disk or two. If it works, we can hang it off our network for movie nights and educational presentations.
  • First Aid book. A copy of the St. John Ambulance FIRST AID book. Do not remove!
  • Optical gear. New accessories for the NexStar 11 GPS telescope, including mirror diagonal and eyepieces.
  • UPSs. Two new uninterruptible power supplies. One for the LAN; one for security system β.
  • Solar light bits. Brought up a box of random extra parts for the solar lights.
  • Water kit. A water quality testing kit from Home Depot.
  • Spare keys. Extra keys for the closets and windows.
Set up home base. And waited for a call from the president!

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