Tuesday, May 20, 2014

horrible sound

Nicole messaged me. Shared a video clip of her CGEM mount. As she slewed it started making a horrible sound. Gear hop! I told her to stop moving it. We made arrangements to meet up. I'll receive the mount from her at tomorrow's meeting. Then I'll begin some diagnostics. Hopefully it's quick. Maybe the worm gear is loose. Or too tight. I hope no teeth are broken. I heard that Celestron uses plastic gears in the drive motors...


Update: Found some DIY and repair items on the interwebs...

A good description, with photos, for adjusting the worm gears, over on Cloudy Nights.

An EQ 6 rebuild with photos on Astro Baby. Purportedly this mount is very similar to the CGEM.

Learned about the Hypertune service (and kits) from Deep Space Products.

Found Josh Knutson's blog. He shared his experience rebuilding a CGEM with the Hypertune kit. He also offered a time lapse. Cool!

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