Thursday, May 29, 2014

what do I do?

On duty, this weekend. Headed to the observatory early, hoping for clear skies.

Before leaving the GTA, I had to do some errands. Picked up a new power supply for the new CAO security system camera. Another 2 amp unit. Tested it before departure. And, in short order, I was headed up Dixie Road for Steeles, and the Tim Horton's, to rendezvous with Rob. Dropped Nicole's repaired CGEM. And then I was on the 410.

In Shelburne, I decided to press. I could try shopping for groceries in Thornbury. That would verify the Foodland was still around. No issues. Mmm, steak for the grill.

As I opened the observatory, I thought of Elaine and Tony. What does the supervisor need to worry about...

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