Wednesday, May 07, 2014

busy evening

Attended the Wednesday RASC lecture meeting. I really enjoyed professor McCall's talk on the nearby galaxies and how they appear to be arranged in a flattened plane and a curious ring surrounding the Milky Way and Andromeda.

Gave Sharmin her cool constellation umbrella. She really liked it!

Spotted Doug in the booth as I arrived the auditorium. Asked him if he could help the NOVA crew with internet access.

Transferred the new RASC promo items from Leslie to Tony via Sharmin.

Hand delivered CAO passports to various members. Had them sign them right away!

Returned Phil's book Photoshop Astronomy (the first edition). Also gave Phil the passport package for Wayne, to be completed later.

Spotted Michael. Woo hoo. He made it. Tony sat with him. We chatted briefly. About the lingering snow and ice.

Tom and I briefly discussed inventory at the CAO.

Told Van I know MallinCam.

Chatted with Bill and Chris. Chris said that he had viewed my Lunar X calculator report and had been lead to believe that the May 6 is was "good" event. I was a little surprised by that.

Talked briefly with Ian, Joel, and Dietmar about cable rerouting in the Paramount. But that I didn't think we should do it at the work party. Better on a full Moon weekend.

Chatted with Genevieve and Phil about a CAO booking form issue. Hmm. That didn't sound good, messages disappearing. Wow. And five more peeps for the work party!

Played navigator for Michael so he could join us after the meeting.

A few of us discussed safe green laser use.

Caught up with Peter. Clarified doublers for him. Sounds like he has a 2.5x 1¼" Barlow. I described the PowerMates and the adapter necessary for photography. Offered that he could use the 2x I have or try the 4x at the CAO. Also explained how to shoot flats.

Tony and I discussed the work party a little. A lot of people to manage now. And that the bedding in the house would be in high demand. Told him I would camp. He considered it too. Showed him my master job list in Evernote.

Charles was very kind, helping me get home. We chatted about Google Docs. I'm gonna use the cloud presentation app in June—to see what's improved. We hope they've enabled hidden slides; if not, Charles has a clever solution.

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