Tuesday, May 06, 2014

helped Cristina

Helped new member Cristina. She was referred to me from Stu. He said that she was having trouble with messages from the Yahoo!Group, had been getting them, now wasn't, after trying to switch from one email address to another, from her smartphone to computer. I messaged her to ask what was up. She asked if we could discuss by phone so I called.

She said she had been on the list, was getting too many messages, didn't like the volume of messages or heavy messages with graphics, it was consuming too much of her data plan. But after trying to switch things around wasn't getting anything. I accessed the management screens of the RASC Toronto Centre Yahoo!Group. Searched for her first name, last name, first email user name, second email user name, domain names... nothing.

I asked when she joined. I checked the management logs. Nothing or after the date that she joined. Meanwhile she was diving through old emails to get some context and dates. And then I caught something. What? Did you say lists.rasc.ca? Uh huh. That's why. That's why I wasn't finding anything in the Toronto Yahoo!Group; she was talking about the national listserv. I invited her to the Toronto Centre group and in short order she was in. Good.

As we were discussing items in general, she intimated she wasn't getting other stuff. I told her what she should have received upon joining. She saw it for herself as she re-read the confirmation message from national office. She said she had not received the Observer's Handbook or SkyNews magazine. She said she had not received emails with the Journal links. Weird.

I had her try logging into the web site. I wanted her to use the national office store but she was on (I realised) the Toronto Centre page. Still, she was able to log in. A good sign. Supported that the affiliation was right. Then I got her on the RASC main web site. After sorting the case of her creds, she logged in there. Her account information was correct, she relayed. Finally, I had her log into the backend. She reported success, saw her expiry, status, address were all correct. Very weird.

As we closed off, I said she was good-to-go on the Yahoo!Group but that I would discuss things with the membership team. Phoned Phil. He found her in the centre database. That would mean she was getting the eSCOPE notices. I handed the reins over...

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