Monday, March 14, 2011

a small f/10

Ah ha! If he can do it, so can I!

I found Richard Nugent's web page on Asteroid Occultation Basics. He's an IOTA member.

He shows his rig:
  • CCD camera
  • focal reducer
  • telescope-to-camera adapters
  • shortwave radio (feeding into recorder audio)
  • small video camcorder (with large screen and built-in speaker)
  • small battery pack
  • various cables
Oh. Yes. Before I forget: a small compound telescope!

He uses a Meade 4" Maksutov (or SCT—whatever).

Richard refers to Paul Maley, another IOTA person. Paul says that his "ideal" setup is a 8" SCT. No mention of a focal reducer. Very interesting.

Sheesh. I've got twice the aperture of Richard; I have the configuration Paul suggests. Why was the image so crappy last Monday?!

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