Friday, March 04, 2011

OK, it's tooting my horn

Spotted a nice accolade on RASC Toronto Centre Yahoo!Group listserv:
Just wanted to thank and congratulate Blake and support for an awesome Stellarium course at the Science Centre this past week.

Blake did a masterful job of highlighting some of the AMAZING features of this wonderful program!

The time just flew by!

I am really looking forward to the next level (advanced) version of this training!

I think he's a professional teacher, public school, if I remember correctly. High praise.


Anonymous said...

Good on you - but do you have to use an air horn?
You should add astro software training to your CV.

SharminC said...

I absolutely agree wilt Niels. A perfectly designed course and very well delivered. The hand out is very well laidout. You are a fantastic teacher Blake! Congratulations. Eagerly waiting for the next level training.

P.S: Niels is a High School science teacher. Did you notice the cool sciency tie he was wearing? He is another person I hold in high regard.