Saturday, March 19, 2011

MallinCam via USB tested

While looking through the multitude of boxes in my office marked "office" a couple of days ago, I found my "USB kit." Inside the little canvas and mesh bag I have a USB adapter kit with all the various USB connector flavours, a spare USB extension cable, and a few others bits and bobs.

I suddenly had a thought... having not seen my USB-to-serial convertor for a while. Ah ha! In the USB kit bag. Nice! The missing piece would allow me to perform a full test of the MallinCam remotely controlled via a USB connection.

After building this mad net of wires and cables on my desk with two laptops, the missing USB-serial adapter, the new "green" RS-485 cable with its RS-232 adapter, and a power bar to boot, I installed the MallinCam Control MSI onto the netbook and fired it up. It defaulted to COM1 and of course didn't see the camera there. After diving into the Devices List, I found the USB convertor sitting at COM6. Adjusted the MCC, saved the setting, and "read" the camera.

It worked!

From MCC I changed the camera settings for Moon imagery and pushed the profile into the camera.

It worked!

So, I think we're ready... We have everything we need to do easy, seamless public outreach or webcasts via NSN.


Dietmar and I are planning a meet-up to try the Night Skies Network part. That will be fun...

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