Monday, March 21, 2011

card and letter

This morning I sent a message to the RASC National Office (NO) asking on the status of my electronic membership card and conveying my disappointment of the handling of the matter.

Then I sent message to one of the Toronto Centre national representatives. We volleyed back and forth on various details. They called the NO as well, which I was grateful for.

I tried to convey that it didn't really matter whether I had an e-card or not; I am worried about the new member, without identification, trying to attend a members-only event. The chance of this happening is low, but I would just hate to learn of someone slipping through the cracks. I guess I'm still stinging a little from Pete's experience...

Another issue behind all this, an undercurrent, is just the whole matter of communication. National has stated, in their strategic planning, that they want to "improve the customer/ member experience" and offer "better service" because they know that means "more customers, and increased satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue." Their deadline for this improvement is 31 Dec 2011. So, perhaps, 9 months ahead of the deadline, I should not expect excellent or outstanding service.

Again, I personally didn't care about the card. But the NO staff could have easily been more transparent with me. Told me about their workload or priority matters. Then I'd know what was going on instead of stewing in my juices.

Anyway, all my stomping and grumbling sort of worked, I guess. My e-card (in a PDF) showed up. Yeh. It was also accompanied with my confirmation letter (PDF) that NO admitted "you should have received a while back." So, all is right with my account.

About 30 minutes later, I jumped. Ya goof. You better print the card now before you forget! Be a little ironic if I got carded for some event... I don't know where my cardstock is so I used regular paper. Put it in my wallet. Now, all is right with my account.

(It took 2 months. If I took 2 months to pay, they'd boot me out of the system.)

But then I suggested the national rep check with Phil...

It's not over yet.

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