Monday, March 07, 2011

2 for 2 times 2 (North York)


We watched the second flyover of the shuttle and ISS. I was with the gang at the City Observing Session at Bayview Village Park.

We caught the ISS just at the edge of the trees, despite backing up, on time. It was far away and dim. But as it rose, someone noticed a point in front of it! Ah ha. The shuttle! That was cool.

I was very happy to have seen the Discovery shuttle during her last flight and final orbits along with the International Space Station two times in the same evening.


Lots of RASC members shot photos, including Paul, Katrina, and Lora. I know! Lora!

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Anonymous said...

Tis blasphemy to have "RASC members and Lora" in the same sentence. This is why I have to read your blog - to correct mistruths.
P.S. The exclamation marks are O.T.T.