Sunday, August 06, 2023

using an equipment list in Stellarium

I considered a little project for the afternoon, so to get a bit more familiar with the feature in Stellarium.

Of course, Stellarium is not my prime.

But what if it was!😲😯🙀?

I was also feeling a bit of Educator Guilt: I better have the first-hand experience for any topic taught.

Fired up the Oculars window (Ctrl o). Added all my active eyepieces, added the baader Zoom, the long-term loaners. Had to look up, scour for, some data, the AFOV values. Add the three telescope OTAs. Ensured the flip settings were correct (as they are wrong from the factory). Corroborated with SkyTools. 

Ignored “sensors” for now. I did not envision any special impact for the imaging crew.

Set my general options per my personal preferences (e.g. scaling).

my eyepiece collection selectable in Stellarium

Tested it and all seemed nominal (Alt o).

Good to practice the associated keyboard shortcuts.

It was interesting to use Venus for testing; a ultra-thin crescent. Threw me for a loop at first...

The other big part of this was retention beyond usual events, i.e. upgrades, transfer to a new computer. That in turn meant that my backup procedures first crafted in the fall of 2022 could be validated. I followed the directives for Windows in my instance. With my power-user mode hat on, renamed the oculars data content, basically a date-time stamp.

Checked the sensibly named backup file "ocular (BACKUP 230806-1701 EDT - Blake's personal).ini" which is easy to do in Windows with plain old Notepad.

Intentional modified the equipment list which forced a new backup to "ocular - Copy  230806-1916 EDT (test after edit).ini" to which an inspection showed the new datum.

But I also want to ensure users on other operating systems had access to useful information. That had been available on the lumpy darkness Stellarium evergreen web pages.


While Mom was here and I explained my objectives, she just shook her head and said, why is it not easy, simple. Why can't the user just click a button and everything's taken care of.

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