Tuesday, August 01, 2023

changing impact factor

It was with passing interesting I noted headlines regarding the Boeing spacecraft and cost overruns. It was a symbolic number they'd reaching in their project management reporting but I just took that as a FYI.

These things happen. If you know me, you know I have very particular perspectives on the labour side of projects when they encounter slippage. I also appreciate of the challenges presented by new projects deployed for things never done. Planning for something never tried before. Crazy. 

This post might have been the one I first noticed.


A headline today (SpaceFlight Now) had a different spin or perspective...

This could introduce delays that affect... well... many other people.

Delays that would affect NASA astronauts. And other 'nauts. 

Ah. Hold on.

That's a big--or a bigger--deal.

And then I thought: the Moon base? Or outpost.

I'm not sure the full impact but now I will have to dig deeper. Will Boeing's troubles spill over into the The Gateway.

They will. As I noodle on it more, it will.

They are one of the pillars...

We need the truckers. WE need the truck drivers. We need the logistics companies. WE have to haul a lot of stuff across the 400 000 kilometre gap.

Oh my.

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