Friday, September 02, 2016

ran Ian's observatory

Helped Ian W.

When he learned I was at the CAO, he asked if I would act as observatory operator. Sure. I was comfortable with the procedure now, having done it once, having refined the notes he had provided. I directed him to text me at my NextPlus account.

7:21 PM. Told Ian I was happy to help. After dinner.

7:23. We worked out a plan. And verified he'd run the 'scope tonight. Possibly again tomorrow.

8:20. I pinged him that the rig was up and running. I reported good movement.

8:22. He asked if I had turned on the Telescope Interface Module (TIM). Yes. Glitchy software. It worked fine when he tried again.

8:26. I reported the camera and mirror fans were running. Everything looked good. Closed all the doors. Shut off all the lights.

8:28. Said I was departing.

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