Monday, September 05, 2016

a few chores

Did a number of chores, tasks, repairs, over the weekend.

As assistant supervisor, I helped Denis with various items. Tours for new members mostly. Discussed sleeping arrangements. Updated him as to cancellations and new bookings. Approved his swapping of a good spare fire extinguisher with a faulty one.

Sought feedback from new supervisors. Made some space in the supervisor closet for new volunteers.

I coached Denis on the operation of the John Deere ride-on mower and the Yard Man self-propelled mower. When the ride-on mowers did not start, it investigated the issues. Showed how the lift-lever kill switch on the MTD was not engaging correctly but, regardless, it could still be started. Charged the JD battery again (it was down to 10 volts). Lubricated the starter motor gear shaft. Tested starting the JD several times and cut the lawn around Ian's trailer, on the east side of the drive, and along the lane entrance. Installed the new pull rope to each mower.

Examine the GBO security cabinet and tested the lock. Returned a spare security cabinet key to the site.

Reprogrammed the timers on the house lights and the GBO dehumidifier.

Adjusted the GPS sensor for the Meteor Physics Group. It had been knocked out of its holder. Easy fix. Without a ladder, in the end.

Installed new glass plates in our two Telrad finders. Tested both. Installed the working unit to the 8" Dobsonian telescope. Made a note to clean the other of battery leak residue.

Made some more room in the garage for the incoming SkyShed POD parts, for temporary storage.

Entertained various suggestions for improvements and future work parties.

Took inventory of our coffee supply.

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I bought more number 4 filters today.