Wednesday, September 14, 2016

an interesting evening (Don Mills)

Went to the RASC Toronto Centre Recreational Astronomy Night meeting at the Ontario Science Centre.

Caught up with Guy—back in Ontario.

Helped Peter R sell some 2017 calendars. And so it begins.

Enjoyed the presentations by Alex, Allard, and Serge. I'm fascinated by the ALMA system. I was intrigued by Allard's use of scripts in Stellarium. Serge's h-alpha and red filter imaging tips were very inspiring. I realised, I'm not shoot hα long enough...

Noted Ivy at meeting. Good stuff. Meeting members. Reminded her I do not regularly get to observing sessions.

Said hello to Peter H. We talked about the Richmond Hill SQM-LE meter. I was pleased to hear that a plan is forming.

In the parking lot, I received an Amazon package from Tony (I didn't know it at the time but it was the 808 key chain camera!). Then I assisted a few members: Jeff (very happy), Patrick (a bit bewildered), and Denise (very happy). Viewed the Moon. Viewed Mizar A and B with Alcor.

Upon arriving the pub, chatted briefly with Tom. He thanked me for the Journal article on Aladin. He was now using it to identify faint fuzzies along with his Herschel 400s. He also shared he had determined a way to display labels with the web version, Aladin Lite. Interesting!

Caught up, as I dove into my beef curry, with Jeff, Charline, Peter R, and Phil.

Holey moley! Phil was at the pub!

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