Friday, September 23, 2016

tried to wait-out the clouds (Blue Mountains)

We're an optimistic bunch. Many were busy-bodies setting up on the Observing Pad for a night of astronomical observing and imaging. Despite wall-to-wall clouds... Damn it.

I spotted Venus through the clouds. Just over the south peak of the Geoff Brown Observatory.

I settled into the Tony Horvatin Observatory.

8:38 PM. Restarted my computer. It was still not great.

Some sort of conflict with Evernote?

9:06. The computer-telescope interface seemed OK now. And it was cloudy. Still.

I thought the wind was picking up. I hoped that would push off the clouds. They had been hanging around since noon.

Aligned on Arcturus. It was shimmering. Oh boy.

I wondered about an outrigger tray for THO cart, for my portable computer... Pondered designs.

9:18. Slewed to 57 Aquila. And I waited for for a clear patch. And waited...

Still cloudy.

9:32. I heard a low rumble. Phil closed the roof of the GBO.

9:35. I suddenly realised I had not looked at the radar. And then realised that was probably a good idea. If there were big clouds moving in then there would be no point waiting... Strangely, I couldn't see anything... That was kinda weird.

I wondered about replacing the battery in the NexStar 11. But after some googling, I came to the conclusion that it was not something to worry about.

9:47. From the Observing Pad, I heard someone packing up.

clouds everywhere from low Earth orbit

I was frustrated. I didn't get it. There were clouds everywhere I looked. But why were the clouds not showing on radar or satellite?!

Spotted Mars. Low. Orange. Bright.

Killed some time in the GBO.

Dietmar and I saw it was still cloudy.

11:13. I saw lights on in the garage. That suggested Clayton was still up. In the kitchen I saw that it was now relatively quiet (compared to earlier in the evening). Only Mary-Ann, Ian D, and Art were left. I headed to bed. Passed Chris in the Great Room. It looked like Phil was winding down. I grabbed a beverage and started reviewing my notes...


Forget the exact time but I saw a meteor in the west. Seemed to be coming from Perseus. A final Perseid perhaps?

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