Saturday, September 10, 2016

checked the colours of 42

Had a quick go in Photoshop, using the LRGB data from 26 Aug '16, at processing 42 Psc (and neighbour ROE 83) in colour. What do you think?

double stars 42 Psc and ROE 83 in colour

Luminance 5x10, RGB 5x5 each.

Yellow and blue, the A and B, the bright pair on the left? Or, as Haas describes, topaz and emerald?

Curious, I think, the gem theme. Certainly, B, to me is hard to tag. Aquamarine is the feeling I get.

"Topaz" is an interesting choice. If you know about the mineral in crystal form, you know it is clear. But impurities, like in many gems, makes for colour. Consequently, topaz can come in lots of flavours, like red, yellow, grey, red-orange, and dull blue. I think she meant the orange-yellow kind.

ROE 83 aka SAO 91862 A looks blue-white to me. And B, pale orange. Or dull yellow.

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