Sunday, September 25, 2016

helped a bit

Did a bunch of things at the CAO.
  • tested the John Deere mower
  • taught a member how to operate the John Deere mower
  • helped as a roadie at the Probus event
  • helped Phil with some supervisor tasks including some safety matters, updating the white board, opening the observatory, cutting the lawn, etc.
  • did an inventory of the Star Adventurer camera release cables
  • dropped off some keys
  • sold a RASC 2017 calendar
  • installed a fresh propane tank to the BBQ
  • double-checked the location of the red LED flashlight in the GBO
  • rebooted the server computer (again)
  • did some succession planning
  • labelled the Celestron NexStar data cable
  • explained to Erwin how to join
  • gathered information about the big bed in the master bedroom
  • reprogrammed the lights
  • helped a bit in the closure
  • researched GIMP; I'll install the 16-bit version soon
  • checked the fridge for extra food stuffs (in advance of the work party)
Helped Thursday through Sunday. But not on the Computer Ease national holiday.

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