Saturday, September 10, 2016

bad setting?

3:38 PM. Decided to do another test. After the odd results last night. I wondered if there were some strange camera settings.

Oops. Found the mirror lock setting enabled in the camera, in Manual mode. Hmm. I had seen that last weekend, from EOS Utility...

3:45. Camera seemed to work OK. Timings looked OK.

But Backyard EOS still goes wonky after the run. I think. It is very slow afterwards. Slow switching modes. Slow to take inputs.

When I go back to Frame & Focus, it does not lift the mirror or open the shutter.

When I turn of the custom cable mirror enable switch, the camera seems to settle.

When I turn it back on, the red LED burns, and the shutter opens. An incorrect signal is getting pushed into the camera.

3:52. Gar. I think I'm going to have to go back to a prototype.

The circuit looked OK when I examined it last night.

Is the opto-isolator fried? Is there a short? Did I hook up something wrong?

Finally, when I close the BYE app with the cable off, the camera seems locked.


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