Friday, September 02, 2016

keep those gears engaged

Helped out Wayne a bit. Around dinner time, he asked me about weight and balance.

Should the telescope be balanced after the camera equipment and accessories are added or before? After. Loaded everything, connect everything, as per how the system will be configured during the imaging run, and then balance it.

I asked if he was clear about the bias or the slight off-balance configuration so to keep the gears engaged. We discussed which way that should be done.

Later, while I was in the GBO, Wayne dropped in. Shared that he was meeting with some success.

Imaging M31. 16 images at 2 minutes each at ISO 500. Using PHD.

He said the balance was OK, did not need to change it.

Wayne also said he was looking for a new target. "Step into my office," I said and jumped into SkyTools. Pulled up the RASC 40 Brightest Galaxies list. Set some time limits and other criteria. It looked like NGC 6946 would be well-placed. I used the Tele Vue 101 and a Canon 40D camera configuration to preview the display. It was small, perhaps.

We discussed M110. Oops, part of the M31 group. M33, low now. Again, I wondered if 6946 might be a worthy subject. Especially with 6939 nearby. I suggested perhaps centring between them.

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