Saturday, August 01, 2015

tested large movie

Did testing with image/video capture from the Canon DSLR with Backyard EOS.

Took just 30 frames. Full frames.


Then 30 more. But used the 5x.


OK. How long can it go?

Holy crikey. It worked! It took a while but BYE wrote out the 6000 JPGs (1.5 GB) and the AVI (11.5 GB). And 8 minute movie with 6000 frames. To the lowly netbook!

Reviewed the log in BYE.

17:42:44  Canon EOS 40D CONNECTED!
17:45:50  Planetary imaging started.
17:45:56  Capturing 12.5 frames per second.
17:56:32  6000 planetary frames captured.
18:02:54  Camera SHUTDOWN!
18:17:20  test-150801-1745_Tv1-15s_f3-5_800iso_1024x680_20150801-17h45m56s.avi downloaded

Nice. Nice to know that I can capture some big movies with Backyard.

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