Saturday, August 01, 2015

HD 164492 - behind the scenes

As I had the camera attached, I rolled into a double star image capture. Dropped the south wall flaps.

Didn't see anything on the camera Live View. Realised I might be a bit blind.

1:47. Going after HD 164492. Did a 30 second test shot. Checked it. Stars did not seem to be in focus. Went to a bright star. Sheesh. Seeing was very poor. Adjusted the focuser manually. Horrific seeing. Went to Sabik, a bit higher in the sky. Still challenging. Headed back to the target.

Really low. So I expected some issues... Adjusted the focus. Was at 4953, added 50, and landed at 5003.

Checked the SkyTools best time. Oops. I should have down this at 11 PM; not 2 AM. I considered folding up the tent. But since I had gone to all the trouble...

1:58. 30 seconds at ISO 1000.

2:00. 30s at 800.

2:03. Tried shorter exposures. 15 seconds at ISO 800. 8 seconds. 4s. 2s. I could not see any stars.

For kicks I decided to try a really long shot.

Started to close down. Prepared to close the roof. Wow. All the clouds were gone! Nutty. Maybe I could view a couple of coloured doubles...

2:08. 300 seconds at ISO 400. Awful. Washed out, blued, by the Moon. Lots of streaking and vibration.

Closed the roof. Closed the south wall.

2:20. Turned on the dehumidifier. Tried to turn off the focuser at the pier. Doesn't work when the software is linked. Have to formally back out. Put the software into manual mode, disconnected, received the peculiar "out of serial mode" message. Parked the mount. Sleeped the computer. Undocked my computer.

2:23. Done.

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