Saturday, August 01, 2015

one more (Blue Mountains)

When I saw all the clouds were gone, I decided to try viewing a couple of unseen coloured doubles. Considered σ (sigma) Cap. On the same side as the meridian as the Trifid...

Viewed the local weather, via the web page, driven by the Davis. Working again! Yeh. Out and back. As of 1:46. Wind was from the WNW, 10 minute average speed 6.4, current speed 1.6, high speed 22. Humidity 92 (but it didn't feel like it). Barometer 1007.7, the high for the day. Temperature 15.3, dew point 14.0. Barometer had risen from the low on Thursday.

Viewed the double in the Tele Vue with the 10mm.

The faint star was up for me. I.e. south is up. Very faint. B was super faint. A great difference in magnitudes. I guessed 3 or 4. SkyTools concurred. Looked yellow and blue to me. The RASC description was orange and blue. And faint. Orange? Maybe. Reasonable. A light orange. Not intense. Haas said reddish yellow and silvery. Fair.

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