Sunday, August 02, 2015

refined capture plan steps

For the flyovers of the International Space Station, I had developed a capture plan. I refined the steps a bit...
  1. reboot capture computer
  2. close all unnecessary apps
  3. get ephemeris data update
  4. focus
  5. still image a similar magnitude star to get exposure
    (that said, if the ISS will be -3.5, choose brightest star or planet)
  6. turn on 5x
  7. get near the starting position
  8. do a Find command for SAT ISS ZARYA (under non-stellar)
  9. access Telescope tab
  10. hit Track Satellite button
Will be handy in the future.


This needs an update for the focusing process...


Updated. And now it lives on an evergreen page, ISS Capture Plan on the lumpy companion.

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