Saturday, August 01, 2015

imaged HD 164492 again (Blue Mountains)

As the camera was still attached and it was early, I decided to try to image HD 164492 again.

Lora, incredibly captivated, left.

Backyard EOS was running so I decided to use it for the focusing and the image capture. Everything went well. It did take me a little while back on target...

All images shot as follows: Canon 40D, Celestron 14" SCT, f/11, ISO 1600, daylight white balance, RAW. No processing in DPP.

Took a quick shot at 10 seconds, mostly to verify I was properly framed.

To another shot at 15 seconds. I was surprised how the stars were not round.

Tried a 5 second shot and was pleased with the look. Dimmer to be sure.

In fact, I programmed a capture plan to a dozen images. They were all not great. The one above is the best.

I didn't understand where the trailing or elongation was coming from.

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