Friday, August 14, 2015

captured Saturn (Blue Mountains)

8:55 PM. When Wheelband popped into the Warm Room hoping to show off Saturn, I said I could do it, no problem. I was configured (and focused) for the ISS flyover at 9:55 but could display the planet with the Live View. For our Friday night guests.

Started the Star Search. Oh. Just saw it, out of the corner of my eye. But then lost it... Slewed and searched again. Hit the Stop button in time. Centred and adjusted the exposure. Not bad. Ian suggested I shoot a movie. I explained that the Planetary mode of BYE in fact would let me do that with the old DSLR. I got 5.8 FPS.

Showed him the camera and focuser control cables. Informed him that the optical cable was dead.

Chris V popped into the Warm Room.

9:20. Ian D noticed I was clipping the south wall so I dropped both.

Did another video run.

The first finished downloading while the capture proceeded.

It was humid. I checked the Bionaire and Oregon Scientific units: 63% and 68%. They both reported 24°C. The OS showed steady pressure. Sunshine tomorrow.

9:24. I noticed the BYE was not reporting the weather. Must have lost the setting in the upgrade.

Almost 1000 frames: stopped. 

Download completed.

Wow. Two runs of 1000 frames each. The Optec remote focusing worked great. The USB-ethernet cable worked. Although it impacted the frame rate. Made the whole thing super easy.

I wondered how much a USB 2.0 ethernet extender might be...


Did some quick processing.

Canon 40D, Celestron 14, f/11, ISO 400, Backyard EOS Planetary capture. Stacked with AutoStakkert!2. Wavelets and RGB tweaks with RegiStax 6.

North is top-right; east is top-left.

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