Thursday, August 27, 2015

meteor season

Ended up catching about 10 meteors in my long photo run on the evening of the 12th... All shot with a Canon 40D and Rokinon 8mm, f/5.6, 30 seconds each, ISO 1600, daylight, RAW, tripod-mounted, intervalometer. Slight processing in DPP. Taken on 13 Aug 2015. All times after midnight.

Image 5877. 12:28:57. Bottom right. Likely a Capricornid as it is going in to Perseus. In fact, this is a dual-photo event. See next...

Image 5878. 12:29:32. Bottom right. This is the end of the Capricornid meteor. And it is interesting to note there are dual trails!

Image 5952. 1:12:42. Top left. Perseid, faint, long.

Image 5984. 1:31:22. Centre. Perseid, bright.

Image 6069. 2:20:57. Bottom centre. Perseid, very faint.

Image 6081. 2:27:57. Bottom right. Another two-frame event. Perseid, bright, heading right, with a bright coma.

Image 6082. 2:28:32. Bottom right. The tail end of the two-frame event. Perseid.

Image 6106. 2:42:32. Left side. Perseid.

Image 6139. 3:01:46. Bottom left. Capricornid, super bright.

Image 6158.  3:12:51. Right of centre. Perseid, faint.

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