Sunday, August 07, 2011

you're welcome again

Terry sent me an email about another matter but said, in passing,

I've been meaning to write to you for some time now. To thank you again for organizing the SkyTools discount purchase program. I find it quite useful.
I agreed. I told him:

It is amazing software. I use it all the time now. The primary purpose, planning, having checklists of things to go after, I personally find very useful and productive. But I also like to accuracy and detail. It helped me visually locate a 15.90 magnitude quasar last weekend!
He also sent a photo of his Dobsonian setup with a custom stand for holding his computer right near the eyepiece.

Sky Tools connects to the small Sky Commander on the right-hand pole mount. I right-click on an object in an observing list, select "push to" and Sky Tools send the coordinates to the Sky Commander. I push the scope till the Sky Commander is showing all zeros, just like "pre-PC". Then I later right click on it again and enter my logging info. This saves a ton of time.
It's good to see that people using it in real-time.

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