Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no spots naked eye (Toronto)

Jumped into Sky and Telescope for some light reading while sipping coffee and eating my cereal.

First off was the reminder of the occultation by the Moon of π (pi) Sgr. I sent a note to the RASC Toronto Centre listserv but accidently noted π Sco. I then apologised: right star; wrong constellation. Need more coffee.

Then I read about the Sun and how, of late, the sunspots, being so large, were visible naked eye! I leaped up and went on a brief hunt for the welders glass. When I couldn't find it, I grabbed the baader film solar filter! Gently held it up... and viewed the Sun with Mark I eyeballs—nothing. Tried the binoculars (still behind the solar film)—na da.

Oh well.

At least I'll be getting more mileage out of this solar filter over the next couple of years! Yeh.

I've no idea where the welder's glass got to though...

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