Friday, August 26, 2011

met Gord

Geoff had said that Gord was going to drop by the CAO on his way to Starfest. Indeed he had. Dietmar told me he had popped by in the morning, looking for me. Missed him, darn. But Dietmar relayed that Gord had said he would return on his way home. OK.

He did return, in the late afternoon. We chatted in the kitchen over a glass of water. I told him what I had done to Geoff's old DD-1 hand controller. We went to outside to inspect the Vixen GP-DX mount he had bought from Geoff. I proceeded to show him drive motors were in fact working fine. We also discussed where to get spare parts, polar alignment, regreasing the gears, old documentation, dampening the metal tripod, etc.

We compared it to my Super Polaris.

Gord departed for Orillia. But said he'd be back later, to do some observing. OK again!

Gave me his business card. Asked for all my Vixen materials. I gave him my email address and blog URL...

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