Thursday, August 18, 2011

dew equipment moved

All the astronomy and telescope dew fighting equipment is in a new home: the large blue metal toolbox. This box I had moved tools from perhaps one or two summers ago. Maybe further back. And then the toolbox sat empty for a while. Before the Compact vacuum died, I was using it to hold accessories. Yesterday, I spotted it under the kitchen table, dormant. And wondered...

It fits! It fits the computer power supply! What a great solution.

So now, the power supply with CLA triple outlet, plastic sleeves, 12 volt hair dryer, large dew heater, small dew heater, Kendrick controller, cup warmer and cord, 12 volt heating pad, and spare fuses are all in one spot!

Oh. And towel. Never, never, forget your towel.

The new Astronomy Box ╬┤!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

'Scopes stored in living/dining rooms seem normal now to me...... but an empty tool box stored under the kitchen table??? Must be a new decorating trend.