Wednesday, August 17, 2011

little things

Did a few little things at and after the RASC meeting.

Asked Shawn his thoughts on editing the web site, so to be able to update his solar observing articles. Which sent him running. Gave John B. stuff to take to the CAO. He's going up to help Tony and crew after the Library talk. Returned the meeting DVD Tony had signed out. Asked both John and Denis if Friday was an option for them (it wasn't) and relayed the answer to Tony. Assisted Leslie with the posting of the NOVA autumn article on the web site. She wanted the URL of the new article but I pointed out that until she made the article visible it was moot. Also suggested slight rewording of the section of young children attending (and that they had to be accompanied by an adult through each session). Discussed the wording and contact info for the upcoming imaging seminar with Dietmar. Showed him that Ralph presentation and handout did in fact include "CCD" in the title. Changed the contact info from Paul Mo. to Dietmar after he admitted mistakenly using it. Tried to test the Windows Pocket PC at the Granite but learned that they use WPA2.

And bought Mom some pie!

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