Monday, August 30, 2010

two more happy customers

As I returned from the CAO, coming down Hwy 410, I nipped into Charles's office. Dropped off his SkyTools3. He wanted to immediately install it on his ASUS netbook. I grabbed the external optical drive and plugged it into his USB port. His machine is SO clean!

While the Pro software and DVD data loaded, we had a little chitchat. Talked about double star measurement, illuminated reticule eyepieces, binoviewers, wide angle eyepieces, William Gibson, wireless access points, the mini-workparty, riding mower starters, stars twinkling, cordless tools, Eee PC speed control, paint scratches, tire wear.

Also gave me a chance to cool off in the air conditioning.

Once I landed home, I sent out the word.

Graham said he'd drop by. And some time later, thanks to GPS, he found me.

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