Saturday, August 28, 2010

OK, I'll do it

Tim clearly didn't want to cut the grass. Tony urged us to cut around the GBO. It was long there.

Tim told me he didn't have a key to the garage. Told him it was in the kitchen drawer. Told me he had never used the mower before. Said I'd show him. Complained that the big garage door was too heavy. True, but it's gotta be done. He got lucky when the thing didn't start! Damn it.

After pushing and shoving on it, hearing a click, and charging up the battery, I got it started. I cut around the GBO, Observing Pad, and back patio. Pulled the red solar lights out to avoid collisions.

Tim said he didn't think it appropriate to disturb me while I was cutting. OK then.

I cleaned the deck, with the mower on the ramps. Back into the garage.

I sure had better things to do...

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