Saturday, August 28, 2010

another stalker message

Received another threatening messaging from stalker "L."
Okay, maybe not as grand as you watching the shadow last night but I finally got a look at Jupiter just after midnight from our deck. I saw several bands/belts (those brown thingys), the four large moons and the GRS. It was a perfect night as not too hot/cold and no bugs to attack me.


Confidentiality Notice: The information contained in this email message is intended only for the personal and confidential use of the recipient(s) named above. This message and attachment(s), if any, is intended for the sole use of the individual and/or entity to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and prohibited from disclosure under applicable law.

In other words, do not post on your blog/FB!!!!!
I'll have to call my lawyer to see if this is legally binding...


Anonymous said...

a) I am not a stalker.
b) Typical guy - can't/won't follow instructions not to post
c) My lawyer will be in contact with your lawyer.

Unknown said...

You must be a celebrity, as only the important people have stalkers!

bla said...

Does that mean I can grow by beard, start my singing career, and punch photographers?

Chas said...

This is really exciting Stalker... Lawyers and all!!..

I am wondering what the hell “FB!!!!!I'll” means??