Saturday, August 14, 2010

occultation prep (Blue Mountains)

Used LightWedge NightVision in the lowest setting with the Pocket Sky Atlas. It's a good red colour. More than enough light. The biggest challenge is my degraded close vision. Must wear my bifocals to read the underlaying chart.

Used the right-angle finder. I noticed the viewed motion that is as the telescope moves the right the stars move in an appropriate direction, i.e. to the left. Oddly, I kept turning the knobs the wrong way. I must be manipulating the controls with some muscle memory.

Settled on π (pi) Sagittarii.


Prepared for the occultation. Radio hooked up and working. Star hopped and put in the TV 9mm. Turned the roof a bit more. On (or near) target star.

It's really faint. Due at 4:35 UT.

Tempted to go to the C14. But that's a big deal. Lot of running around. Would need to move radio and recorder. An unknown quantity is if I the 'scope would be able to see the target at such a low elevation given that the south doors are not to be opened...

Trying to get dark adapted.

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