Saturday, August 28, 2010

happy attendees (Beaver Valley)

I delivered the second presentation with night sky show (of two) for the Farmer's Pantry, south of Clarksburg. It too was very successful. 2 hits for 2 at bats. Great weather both events.

This time we looked at the Venus, ISS, constellations, bright stars, Mizar/Alcor, Mizar A and B, an Iridium flare, Albireo, Jupiter, the Ring Nebula, and an orange Moon rising above the apple orchard. We used Mark I eyeballs, my tripod mounted binoculars, illegal green laser, and my 8" SCT with dew heaters on full.

It was brillo (lucky) timing on my part. As I concluded my presentation, my alarm went off for an ISS flyover. I wisked everyone outside and they watched the 6 minute pass while I packed up our presentation gear.

Young girls, 3 or 4 teenagers, some parents. Everyone had a great time, I think. One woman made strange noises not unlike Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally while viewing the Moon.

Pete, very new member visiting the CAO, assisted me with set-up and tear-down. He didn't seem to mind getting roped in. He had fun at the eyepiece too.

Via the RASC Toronto Centre education listserv Yahoo!Group, I thanked Leslie, Diane, Tony, et. al. for helping with projection equipment, giveaway SkyNews magazines, Star Finders, etc.


Forgot to do an alignment of the new finder scope. Fortunately, it was close. Found all my targets, including M57.

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Anonymous said...

"strange noises not unlike Meg Ryan". Come on - astronomy isn't THAT exciting. Perhaps it was a cow in the distance. Is that what FP meant when they advertised "Blake and his AMAZING telescope"????
(Congrats on a great presentation).