Sunday, January 29, 2023

tagged comet C/2022 E3 (St Thomas)

My phone made the sonar sound... I had been SMSing with my sis all afternoon.

Oh! Chris V. Hello.

"I just saw E3 in my Canon 10x42 binos, from my driveway (with lots of light around)."


Slipped on the aurora crocs and popped out to the deck. Nippy. Looked south and saw stars! Holy Universe, it was clear.

Grabbed the old binoculars and scanned around in the north... Ugh. Nothing. And it was darned cold. 

Back through the air lock. Grabbed the winter coat and the astro-chair.

Scanned some more, getting Stellarium Mobile to guide me. 

Nope... Between the horrible pack lights, the Moon, a 65% Moon, and high angle, I wasn't having much luck. And the oculars kept fogging up. A little bit of cloud...

Hauled out the ETX 90. Turned off the lights. Turned off the Windows 11 background (but it ignored me, stupid, annoying, PITA, freakin' Windows crap!).

After a lot of fiddling, a LOT of fiddling, I got the main 'scope aimed to the area and focused. I star-hopped from Polaris to OV Cep. To the triangle of DRS 28, HD 90089, and HIP 49688. Then proceeded further south-east.

Got it!


In the Meade ETX 90 with Celestron 26mm Plössl. Around 55x.

In an equilateral triangle with HD 91075 and HD 92192. Stars of Draco. Noted the mag 9 star to the east (HD 92838 according to SMP).

Big. Very large with averted vision. Huh.

Pin point core. Would not take direct vision.

Fan shaped. Opening up to the south.

Larger than I was expecting!

No colour for me...

It was about the same brightness as the nearby stars. I estimated mag 6 or 7?

Chris said, "Yeah. That agrees with the graph of collective estimates."

Wow. That was good to tag.

I thanked Chris for nudging me. Shoving me.


Stellarium computer was showing it in a different position, slightly further along.

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