Wednesday, January 04, 2023

considered SF

I've been thinking about SF for a couple of days.

Monday 2 January was Science Fiction day.

Science fiction, speculative fiction, SF, sci-fi, whatever you wanna call it, greatly shaped me. And I'm convinced it kindled my interest in astronomy (and the related sciences).

a flying saucer

During our family Christmas gathering, we watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or much of it. 'Til it got late and I needed to head home.

During the new year's eve gathering at my place, we wanted to watch the old, original, black-and-white Thing From Another World. But I don't have it, in any format. Mom might have it, maybe on VHS. I have John Carpenter's The Thing which I enjoy watching this time of year. It, like Apollo 13, makes me feel cold. Fun movies.

I have a loaner VCR to spin those up.

We did watch It's a Wonderful Life, a recent DVD purchase. I'd say it can be definitely categorised as science fiction, for it asks that key, core, critical question: What if...

Mom wondered out loud at the meaning of many things in 2001. I said that I had the Arthur C Clarke novel. I dug through a box 'o books and found it. Gave it to her yesterday. I'll be curious to hear her reaction, regarding the differences.

She also was keen to read the story that The Thing was based on. I said I had it too. In one of my anthologies, the short story, Who Goes There? I remember that being very entertaining and surprising. Handed off that book too.

As I declutter, I'm trying to read some of my old books. Then I'll sell them and/or give away.

There are some I am leaning to keep. All my Samuel R Delany works. Maybe all the Larry Niven too. A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Lost my mojo for Star Wars and Star Trek so all that's being collated and boxed up. Hopefully, I can sell these large lots to collectors.

I'll need to visit the SF shop in town. See what he says.

I read less SF now. And when I do, it's usually in the "hard" subcategory. Or cyberpunk.

I don't write SF anymore. A lot of unfinished ideas there...


Watched Dune by Denis Villeneuve. Watched it again. It is powerful, a visual spectacle, with very moving music. It leaves an impression. I looked up the release date for part 2: November!


Also spotted a board game! Infection at Outpost 31. That'd be a riot with friends... in a cold remote location!


Need to borrow the Blade Runner movies from Mom again... get my fix.

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