Wednesday, January 04, 2023

some good double targets


Nice article at Sky & Telescope encouraging people to observe some doubles.

The piece is entitled Explore Double Stars in the "Winter Pair-a-gon." They emphasise a number of doubles in and around the Winter Hexagon.

It was also good to see them rally people. Have a go at spotting Sirius B.

The time is nigh.


I was curious though by one comment by Bob King. He said the "lack of humidity" helps with the sky's darkness. I don't know which desert he's observing from but their ain't no lack 'round here.


Melody pinged me about the article. Thanks.


Melody's nudge got me athinkin'. Have I viewed them all?

  • Sirius (ACG 1) - yes
  • ν1 Canis Majoris (SHJ 73) - no; yes on 14 Jan '23
  • Σ1126 (HR 2950) - yes
  • Σ1182 (HD 66801) - no
  • Castor (STF 1110) - yes
  • θ Aurigae (STT 545) - yes
  • Σ559 (HR 1442) - no
  • Rigel (STF 668) - yes

So, got some work to do then.

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